Oct 03, 2012 1:20PM

First Look Inside Topshop Sydney

Before it officially open its doors to the public tomorrow! Plus we speak with Creative Director Kate Phelan.

Cue 'The Final Countdown' on YouTube guys, because the wait is almost over! Topshop Topman will be opening in the iconic Gowings Building (of former Supre fame) tomorrow and it's going to be most excellent — with live DJs, photo booths and in-store makeovers. How do we know? Well, we just got back from the media preview where we saw the fashions with our own eyes.

You probably already heard that the new store features four floors (that's 1,800 square metres) of Topshop Topman greatness, from designer collaborations to personal shoppers. But did you hear that the first 20 people to walk in receive a free personal-shopper-styled outfit worth $100?! What are you even doing on the internet — shouldn't you camping in tent on the corner of George and Market Street by now? Unless you've brought along your laptop (props to you).
Topshop Topman staff will also be roaming the city, looking for stylish babes to shower with gift cards worth $500 and scratchies that reveal cool prizes. You can also get interactive by instagraming a pic of yourself in the store (tag it @topshop_au and #lovetopshop/@topmanAU with #topmanselect) for a chance to win a $500 shopping spree.
Check out the gallery to get up close and personal with your new favourite high-street hangout, and read our interview with Creative Director Kate Phelan below.
Ingrid Kesa: Hi Kate! So you just said before in your presentation that you are into pyjama dressing. How do you do pyjama dressing without looking like you're actually wearing your pyjamas?
Kate Phelan: It's actually quite hard, I have to say, because I've done it a few times. I always have someone say, "did you not get dressed today?" when I do it. But I think it's about mixing it with 'real' clothes — putting a pyjama trouser with a vest, with a t-shirt, with a pair of sanadals.  I think accessories are really important to make it more daytime. It's always great to have it with a bag. But really I think you've just got to be confident with it.
You've got J.W. Anderson as the designer collab at the moment. Can you give us any hints about who to expect next?
We've got another collection from him launching in January, so that will be really exciting to see how that moves on and how that evolves. We're starting to work on that soon. And whoever's next? Well, we're still looking. The collaboration's for us are really important and I think what we've learnt from J.W. is that when we can do them quite wide and broad, we can capture so much more of the essence of that designer. I think with J.W., his strength is 'pieces'.
And you can tell who it's by when you look at it, which is so important for a designer/high street collaboration, that their aesthetic is not lost in translation.
Exactly. When we did the one with Mary Katrantzou, that was so fantastically successful as well. I think that's it — picking up on the right designer at the time and really sort of getting into what they're about and letting them explore all the possiblities. 
Well, that's the thing. Like, with Mary Katrantzou, I think a lot of people in Australia found out about here through that collaboration just because it makes it so much more accessible. How involved are you in young designers yourself?
I've championed them ever since I was a fashion editor at a magazine. I've really always had very strong links with British fashion designers and I really love to see them move onto the next level. It's incredibly exciting to see them grow. It's such a competitive business to become a designer on the international stage and anything we can do to really highlight that talent and help that talent grow is really important to me. 
Introduction: Jerico Mandybur
Interview: Ingrid Kesa
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