Oct 04, 2012 4:08PM

Hanne Gaby Covers Oyster #101 — On Sale Now

Let's get digital!

We love the internet and we spend A LOT of time on it. It is an amazing resource for everything from self-diagnosis of mental conditions to pictures of animals photobombing each other. Whether we're spending hours getting lost in a Brown Cardigan K-hole, reading Twilight slash fic under the guise of inquisitiveness, or stalking people from high school who have absolutely nothing to do with our everyday existence, the internet is pretty much the greatest invention ever. Oyster #101: Let's Get Digital is an ode to the internet, a testament to our time, celebrating the best of online through print. 

First and foremost, let's talk about the cover. It's safe to say Dutch model Hanne Gaby is a big deal on the internet. She spends a lot of her time walking runways for Chanel and Givenchy, but it's her personal style that has made her a Tumblr sensation — there's even a 'Fuck Yeah' Tumblr dedicated to her (the ultimate sign that you've made it). The cover — styled by Stevie Dance, and shot by Will Davidson — has been reworked into a mindblowing digital collage (LOLCats included) by our Creative (Genius) Director Shane Sakkeus. Please also pay attention to the emoji on the magazine spine, these are important. 

Inside the magazine, there is moar fashion: Stevie Dance and Tommy Ton collaborate on a street-style shoot and collage; blogging superstar Yimmy Yayo shoots fellow blogging superstar Man Repeller with her favourite accessories; and Tung Walsh photographs a very NSFW Myla Dalbesio (she was naked once before in Oyster #99) who flashes pedestrians in New York City (God knows we love a bit of a flash). You'll also find one of our best beauty shoots to date, featuring a very un-Jess Gomes looking Jess Gomes, shot by Rene Vaile, who in his personal life likes to confuse people with enigmatic Instagram accounts.

We also ask a bunch of people who are good at the internet to contribute — Susie Bubble, Slutever, Fuck Yeah Menswear, and Into The Gloss among them — and speak with model/Twitter enthusiast Ali Michael; Natalie Massenet, co-founder of one of the world's greatest online boutiques, Net-A-Porter; and Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey, who has brought about a mini-technological revolution in the world of fashion. We interview Sonic Youth founding member Lee Ranaldo about his earliest memories of using the internet and grill social media guru and rapping philosophiser Lil B, while Sébastien Tellier and Grimes create imaginary online dating profiles. Also in there are profiles of YouTube enigma Tonetta, internet artist Brad Troemel, and Tumblr celebrities who worship Gwen Stefani and have blue hair. Phew!

Ingrid Kesa

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