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Interview: Iggy Azalea From Oyster #103

From Oyster #103: The HIRL Issue — on sale now!

For Oyster 103: The Hang Out In Real Life Issue, Zac Bayly interviewed our twerkaholic cover star Iggy Azalea. The interview accompanies our cover shoot by Nabil Elderkin, who also created our Frank Ocean cover shoot. You can read our interview with Frank right here. As for Iggy? Here’s an excerpt and some of the highlights:


Twenty-three-year-old Australian rapper Iggy Azalea declared World War III, and then more specifically war against me, about 15 minutes into our phone conversation. She'd just woken up in a London hotel room having performed at Wireless Music Festival the previous day, and I was alone in Oyster’s Sydney office some time close to the witching hour, drinking shitty wine. (This the way the world ends: not with a bang but with a tipple, to paraphrase T. S. Eliot.)


Zac Bayly: So, this interview is going into the 'Hang Out In Real Life' issue, but it doesn’t sound like you get much time to hang out.
Iggy Azalea: No! [Laughs] I've got too much stuff to do! I would never want time to hang out. That’s time wasted, to me. I have something that I need to achieve… I don't need time off, because I love the time that I spend working. I feel very lucky.

How old were you when you moved to America?
I was 16.

What did you do when you got there? When I was 16 I was still listening to Evanescence alone in my room.
[Laughs] Um… Yeah, it’s funny. I meet a lot of people who say that, but I also meet a lot of people that were like me when they were 16 — all ready to go. What did I do when I moved to America? Just checked out the place. I just kind of soaked it all up, I suppose… as much as I could of Miami.

How quickly did you start working on music?
It took a while. Maybe after being there three or four months I started working on music and that kind of thing.

That’s not ‘a while’ at all! That’s really quick!
I suppose… I don’t know. I move quickly. You have to if you want to be the first. I’m extremely competitive.

Who are you competing against?
The world.

The world. Oh my God — so you’re competing against me too?
Yeah [laughs].


Zac Bayly: I heard that you love [The Nanny’s] Fran Drescher.
Iggy Azalea: I do. I do love Fran — she’s one of my favourite characters.

With your best friend, [Iggy’s personal stylist] Alejandra Hernandez, are you Fran or Val, the sidekick?
I’m Fran I suppose, but… I suppose you could put me next to whoever you want and I’d still say, “I’m Fran.” [Laughs]

If you could choose any movie to represent your life, which would you choose?
If I had to pick a movie that represented my life I’d probably pick, like, Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Space Jam. Anything like that where it’s something cartoon or completely ridiculous mixed with something that’s based in reality or regular life, because I think my music is very out-of-this-world and ridiculous. It seems like something that wouldn’t occur in everyday life but then it’s real. Any movie that has Toon Land mixed with Human Land would be a good representation.

I am so impressed that you just thought of two movies off the top of your head that mix Toon Land and Human Land!
[Laughs] Yeah, well… They’re good movies!


Read the full interview in Oyster 103: The Hang Out In Real Life Issue, on stands today!

Click here to see the full Iggy Azalea shoot by Nabil Elderkin!

Click here to see our Frank Ocean cover shoot!


Photography: Nabil
Text: Zac Bayly

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