Jan 28, 2014 10:36AM

Watch: Kate Moss x Alexander McQueen SS14 Film

Steven Klein goes Hitchcock.

Recent Playboy centrefold Kate Moss has gone and got herself a Pris from Blade Runner meets Tilda Swinton makeover for Alexander McQueen's new Spring 14 campaign film. And what a (creepy) film it is. 

Filled with Hitchcockian point-of-view shots and a general feeling of stalkerish un-ease, the Steven Klein-directed video shows Kate Moss with short, yellow hair inhabiting a dank apartment. In the 90s psychological thriller fashion film, we find an eyebrow-less Kate staring blankly into a store from the perspective of a tattooed individual who either carries a window frame with him wherever he goes, or is carrying a sniper rifle — we're thinking the latter.
Sniper rifle guy points his thingy at the chiseled cheekbones of our Kate Moss, but she doesn't even care. She simply strides off in slow-mo before going upstairs to her apartment (she lives above the electronic store, which is handy) and getting undressed. Naturally, her stalker follows her, putting a scary look-alike Kate doll in her basket as he goes. Kate still gives zero shits. She takes her clothes off and then things get loud and screechy. Does she die? Does she kill her creepy mate? You decide.


Jerico Mandybur

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